A lifestyle change intervention can significantly reduce cholesterol levels

A study looked at 836 people aged 42-69 who participated in the CHIP lifestyle intervention program. Each participant attended 16 two-hour group sessions over 30 days.⁣

Each session typically involved watching a video, a cooking demonstration, a behaviour change challenge and some group discussion.⁣

Key changes were:⁣

DAILY (30 minutes of moderate intensity or 10,000 steps)⁣

Encouragement of positive psychology techniques ⁣

Moving towards a whole food,plant-based diet with emphasis on eating whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes⁣

Aiming to get less than 20% of calories from fat⁣

Drinking at least 2L of water a day ⁣

Morton DP, Rankin P, Morey P, et al. The effectiveness of the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) in Australasia for reducing selected chronic disease risk factors: a feasibility study. N Z Med J. 2013;126(1370):43-54.⁣

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