Benefits of home workouts and and top tips when working out from home

So we’re back in lockdown and it's Winter..

Many of us may be missing the gym but home workouts are a great way to keep active and fit during this period. They can also be very effective so you don’t have to give up on your fitness goals this year!

Don’t underestimate the power of a home workout!

Benefits of Home Workouts:

- They are convenient. You just work out where you live.

- They can be very time efficient. No travelling, no setting up or waiting for equipment when you are in your own home.

- They require minimal equipment…or none at all. You can still get a good workout session using your bodyweight alone.

- They are free! No membership required.

- Freedom! You can work out whenever you want, wear whatever you want and sing and dance as much as you want!

If you are used to the gym or classes you may find it difficult to get started with home workouts. But try these tips to help with your motivation and discipline.

1. Have a plan. Plan when you are going to exercise and exactly what you are going to do.

2. Minimise distractions. Put your phone away, mute your devices, turn off the TV and let your household know you’re working out. Maybe even try a “Do not disturb” sign.

3. Workout earlier rather than later, before your motivation disappears.

4. Play your favourite playlist to get you in the zone. Don’t forget to sing along too!

5. Manipulate the intensity. You can still progress with your fitness goals outside of the gym.

6. Try new more challenging exercises, increase reps, sets, time or speed or add pauses and pulses to exercises to up the ante.

7. Make it social. Try joining an online class or do a Zoom workout with friends.

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