Can Vitamin D help you lose weight?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Can Vitamin D help you lose weight?

Vitamin D has a long list health benefits but did you know about its association with weight?

Research has shown people who are obese or who have higher body fat levels are more likely to have low vitamins D levels. It is unlikely that vitamin D deficiency directly causes obesity, but that other behaviours make obese individuals more prone to low vitamin D levels. For example, they may be less likely to be active outdoors. Vitamin D levels are also dependent on body size, so those with higher body mass need to absorb more vitamin D to reach adequate levels.

Vitamin D may also promote weight loss. Some studies have shown that individuals that supplemented with vitamin D during a weight loss period were more likely to lose weight or reduce body fat than those who did not. There are only a few studies in this area but the results are promising.

Do you take a vitamin D supplement?

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