How to live with Eczema?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Avoid scratching or rubbing the skin. This can make the itch from the atopic dermatitis worse.

Apply moisturiser whenever the skin feels dry or itchy. Wash all new clothes before wearing them. This removes formaldehyde and other potentially irritating chemicals which are used during production and packing.

Add a second rinse cycle to ensure removal of soap, if you are concerned. Residual laundry detergent, particularly the perfume or dye, may be irritating to your eczema when it remains in the clothing. Changing to a liquid or milder detergent may also be helpful.Wear garments that allow air to pass freely to your skin. Open weave, loose-fitting, cotton-blend clothing may be most comfortable to those with atopic dermatitis.

Work and sleep in comfortable surroundings with a fairly constant temperature and humidity level.

Appropriate use of sedating antihistamines may reduce itching to some degree through their tranquilizing and sedative effects on eczema - discuss with your community pharmacist or doctor to see if this may be suitable.

Residual chlorine or bromine on the skin after swimming in a pool or hot tub may be irritating. Take a quick shower or bath immediately after swimming, washing with a mild cleanser from head to toe, and then apply an appropriate moisturizer on eczema affected areas.

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