Sustainable exercise tips - for you, your community and the planet!

At MAHAAH we help our clients meet measurable health goals, by developing holistic health plans that translate into sustainable daily practices. For real change and results we ensure what is co-curated is aligned with our client’s lifestyle and values. Through assessing the physical, mental and psychosocial health of our clients we are able to understand their drivers and needs from a deeper perspective before recommending steps to progress their super health journey. Sustainability is something we and many of our clients are passionate about, so we have put together some helpful tips on how anyone can ensure their health journey is sustainable.

Many of us have been stuck at home due to the pandemic but now that things are opening up again, a really useful way to incorporate eco-friendly exercise is to actively use your commute to and from work as a workout. Any form of movement is beneficial and could range from lower intensity such as walking to higher intensity such as jogging and cycling. For some people their work location is just too far and they have to hop on a train or drive, but getting off the tube a couple of stops earlier or parking a 15 minute walk away from the office can make a big difference if done regularly. Using a fitness tracker to monitor your daily steps is helpful as developing these suggested good habits helps you start you start day positively, while making a leap towards hitting your target step count with ease.

Training for a marathon in order to raise money and awareness for an environmental charity is a great way to combine exercise, activism and hang out with family and friends! helps you search for a charity in a category of your choice and also for events you can participate in. Having a set goal to work towards is a big motivator for people who are training. For others, fashion is also a passion and we encourage people to choose sustainable sportswear. Look for items made from bamboo, organic cotton or recycled PET (which is the bi-product of plastic bottles).

Another benefit of investing in good quality sustainable clothing items is that they can be used for several years, if not a lifetime. Old clothes that you no longer need can be donated to charity shops to increase the lifetime use of the product, instead of it ending up in landfill. McKinsey research shows that in 2018 the fashion industry produced 4% of global total greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions (2.1 billion metric tons). This is equivalent to the entire GHG emissions of the economies of the U.K., France and Germany combined. As consumers we have a powerful voice. By making conscious sustainable fashion choices, we actively encourage brands, they fashion industry and policy makers to prioritise sustainable practices.

It’s all about integrating an exercise regime that is fully integrated within your lifestyle. We can help you achieve this at MAHAAH as our fitness doctor can help co-curate a personalised exercise or fitness plan that meets your specific health goals - this could be anything from improving depression, weight loss, or even women’s health gynaecology issues. We are here to help! Book a free 5 minute telephone enquiry with our fitness doctor today and take the first step on your journey to discover your MAHAAH.

Disclaimer: Information in our blogs are as accurate and comprehensive as possible. This is general advice and should not be used as a substitute for the individual advice readers might receive from consulting their own doctor. For other medical professionals reading, it is advised to use your own clinical judgement when interpreting the information and deciding how to best apply this to the treatment of their patients. Please see our terms and conditions page for further information on this.