Vitamin D deficiency

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Make sure you do not develop severe deficiency this winter by supplementing appropriately with this essential vitamin. Speak to a Mahaah doctor or nutritionist who can help you curate a personalised plan. Everyone is different and a regime suitable for you may differ from your neighbour as no one has the exact same skin tone, lifestyle, diet and metabolism.

Vitamin D sufficiency, a serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D at least 30 ng/mL reduced risk for adverse clinical outcomes in patients with COVID-19 infection - Published in PLOS ONE 25.9.2020

A recent study in America showed that out of 235 patients infected with Covid-19 there was a significant association between good vitamin D levels and reduction in clinical severity. Only 9.7% of those who had vitamin D levels greater than 30ng/ml older than 40 died in comparison to 20% of those who had severe vitamin d deficiency (<30ng/ml). Higher vitamin D levels also played a role in reduced CRP level which is a marker of inflammation and it may modulate immune response.

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